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yep, I did finally get some writing done last night.  Totally happy.  Realized too I need to look over and list out part 3.  I did this during the end of Camp NaNoWriMo and I can tell I was pushing me through it.  I’m glad I did but now in the rewrite process I have to make sure I take the time to get it right.  I just need to skip some scenes that may not be needed and make sure the things that help the story be believable are the best and in the right order.

Also thought of something very cool to do with the story!  A bit more work for me but I think it will help certain parts not be as dry as they currently are.  I’m going to add an Apex section at the end.  This will have at least two sections in it that are from books (fake ones) and seem like a more history or science explanation of the things talked about.  This way I can browse the subject without it becoming too dry a read for some people.  This will also let me go into a lot more detail and possible pictures to explain those things.

I really like the idea of it.

Anyone ever read a book with an Apex or section at the end that explained ideas or history?  Did you read it?  Were you glad the added detail wasn’t in the book itself but was there if you wanted it?