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I don’t even know what to say to myself.  I went to look over part 3 and see how to improve it.  It needed a facelift as it was just getting by with some parts not needed and others way unbelievable.

So what happened?

Well, I basically redid the whole thing from the dream scene onward.  I kept some of the basic ideas but changed how it goes down.  I didn’t keep much else.  I have to rewrite the last 7 chapters now.  A whole new draft.  You did just read that, right?  A whole new draft of 7 chapters.

That means I don’t currently have my first draft done anymore as the first draft just got the last 7 chapters eased.  Vanished.


Granted I am glad I wrote the ones I killed now as the basic ideas of how the story played out was in them.  I just can’t believe my mind, my creative side, decide ‘oh, we don’t need these.  We can do whole new ones up’.

This does make the story believable and why characters are doing what they are doing makes sense.  It also makes huge amounts of work for me to do.

I’m going to try a new way of writing.  I would write a chapter and move onto the next one before going back to do rewrites.  I read on one of my many searches of writers who write a chapter but do the rewrite later in the day.  This way I could try it and see if I like it.  Also this would be a way for me to maybe get ahead of my due dates I set for myself.

Now moving on to doing my new drafts up of the 7 chapters.  Wish me luck!