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I’ve gotten started on the 7 new chapters.  I have two done and 5 to go.  So far I’ve decided I have to rewrite them before heading back.   When I go back its rewrite part 2-3 before going all the way to the beginning to rewrite the thing again.  Tons of work.  Little time.

Right now though I keep writing and pushing myself forward.  My word count has dropped but I think an extra rewrite should put it closer to where I wanted the second/third draft to be at.

I’ve been busy though researching marketing and getting some good ideas of things to do in the upcoming months before I publish Midnight Crimson.  One, I did a short story years ..I mean years.. ago.  I plan to do a bit more with it and do a few rewrites on it.  It was pretty good as I remember and I did it for a creative writing class in college.  I got an A on it.  Very gritty stuff though.   Not sci-fi or paranormal.  A bit more real.

I plan to do the short story as a cheap $0.99 ebook with no marketing at all.   I want it to be good but I am going to use it for format and seeing how ebooks publish.  This will give me a really good base for my novel.  I think it will help me work on formatting issues or other problems without it being my main book.

I have to get some sleep now.  It’s 12:55am here.  I’m a night owl so much I’ve even used the handle nightangel on sites.  🙂