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who are alive today and those who are not alive.  It’s a sad day when a man only now just out of High School turns around and targets the little bundles of joy.  Their world shattered into a million pieces and lost as their tiny lives are taken without reason.  Those children who made it out into the arms of parents full of relief upon their sight, will never be the same happy-go-lucky ones.

When the school resumes class in the future, silence will follow their hearts as they attend their classes.  When a drill happens to prepare next years students for another would be killer, they will take it far more serious than in year’s past.

So for now Christmas presents sit unwrapped.  The Christmas joy has vanished and mothers sit in despair.  And no one can put to words the grief mothers or fathers face.  The new reels lack the sense of the true loss and suffering of those left behind.

Tomorrow the world will look for answers it will never find to make sense of it all.  Days will pass and everyone will swear no one will ever forget.  Gun laws will get debated.  One day in the far off distance someone will say ‘Do you remember when?’ stirring up emotions thought to have been lost.

Then it will happen like all events before this sad one.  One day the world will wake up and have forgotten.  The children, who survived, will have moved on to create families of their own.  The world will spin on as days turn to months and those turn to centuries.  It is unthinkable today.  It is unfair to believe anyone could forget.

So today we remember.  Today we cry.  Tomorrow no matter if we remember or not will have to take care of itself.

In remembrance not only for those sad little ones lost today but for all the times across the globe when little ones were lost.

Connecticut… USA.. today.  20 children died.

Dunblane … a Scottish town.  March 1996.  at least 16 children died.

Bath …. USA… May 1927 at least 38 children died.