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Yes, I’m gloating I wrote today!  I am now moving on to chapter 32 and feeling good about my story.  Love this part.  I guess those are moments in writing that make rewrites a blessing.  You get to do it over and over and over.  And if you like it, ahhhh heaven.

If not… we won’t go there today.

So now the word count is 52,500.  With I believe three to four more new chapters to write.  Not going as fast but with all the news and personal things going on in my life and the world, it’s going pretty good.

So watch out world… here comes my book.

Next project… new video for the actual release date.  This will be a few months project.  I plan to buy a movie maker program and a soundtrack.  Possible sound effects as well.  I also am using my youngest son to do some acting for me.  I need him to act like my vampire so I can do some shots that I want without buying the photos.  Will as always keep you posted.