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This is a neat little site.  Not sure how much it will help my blog or anything else I do but was worth the look over for the interesting stuff on it.

You put in a web address like this one and it looks it over.  It gives you back a report.  Kinda neat.

It offers a free trail and tons of different pricing to use the site.  I found it looking for info about another site.

Another way to find this site and to review yours, google the words ‘woorank google’ and you should pull up a site saying something about woorank reviewed google.  You could also use just about any site with the word woorank.

Some of the things on it.  It looks over your social impact, your text, your address, errors it thinks you should fix and things that it likes about your site.  It gives you a score.  Google ranks 80.9 while my site was a low 60.9.

Some things to remember.

First you can only review so many websites.  If you review too many, it will want you to do a free trail.  To avoid this, google ‘woorank’ plus the address you want to review.  This should pop up an address of the woorank review for it.

Second I’m not sure for us less than techy people how much this is of use.  It might be better in the hands of someone who knows how to fix and get a better score.  For me, it was just an interesting way to spend 5 minutes and it gave me a cool blog post. 🙂

Have fun.