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I went out and I waited for my son for four hours.  I went for a walk, I went to a store, I drove around a bit and I did a new draft of a chapter.

One tiny chapter turned into about 5 paperback pages.  🙂

An old version became a new one and my ideas of how to say I made it through a re-write go on and on.  Endless like they are!

I’m not over excited yet.  I have to work through 9 more chapters before I have two major re-writes of the novel.  I think I’ll hold off on jumping up and down in place, singing and screaming in between lyrics until I get through one of the major re-writes.  Nothing like a whole new draft of my entire novel to get the blood pumping so until that moment I’ll take my smile and head to bed.

One last thought before I hit the sheets

I know the holidays are rough. They are busy filled with cheer and horror.  They are wishes lost and some turned real.  There is the hope everyone will be as cheerful as you were picking the gift out and the downward spiral when you realize they hate the gift.  If you get lucky, the food tastes good and no one punches anyone this year.  Do try to have a good holiday no matter which one you are into and give everyone a holiday hug!  A hug that says you care and says your holiday even if it’s not mine is perfect just the way it is! 🙂  Night and happy unwrapping the gift you always dreamt about when wishing upon a star that you will probably have to wait until your next life to actually get! 🙂