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This has little to do with writing other than I have little time to actually date someone in person.

What is it?

Well, I’m thinking … no I’m pretty sure… I am going to try as time permits to date someone from Canada.  Yeah, I know.


I could say Canadian men rock!  I’m sure they do but I’ve never dated one so not sure it would be a true statement.  I could say some horrible thing about USA men but it’s not them.  I just have always thought dating someone from Canada would be interesting and neat.  It would be hard to start with because of time, money and my writing but maybe that would give me time to get to know them through email or facebook or something?

Still should I?

Don’t think I have much to lose on this.  I guess if a USA guy went “No, you don’t.” I might be tempted to take a second look their way but I don’t think it will happen.

I do have roots to Canada as part of my family history went from NY to Canada to Michigan’s thumb area.  I’ve been to Canada a few times.  I live in Michigan and I believe Ontario is close to my life style here and climate in areas.

So who knows… maybe.  And if not or it totally does not work out, I blame the holidays entirely.

Well.. off to watch Dr. Who Christmas special soon and more chapter drafts to do! 🙂