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and work… urg.

The 26th at 6pm starts my wonderful career back at my 12 hour job.  🙂 😦  is about how it feels.

Tonight I wrote a chapter re-write.  YES, right?  kinda.  Got to the end of it and realized that I didn’t want to ditch as much of the original concept for it.  It starts out with someone going back to work.  Who knew.  I didn’t plan it either.  So not too hard to write.  It was to have an eating section and start out at the job area.  The re-write took it to the girl’s room, ditched the eating and went to the job at the end of it.  I decided I want to keep the eating scene as it shows some important details and it makes sense.  I now have to go back again…..  and splice the two together.  I am thinking of re-writing the eating scene which should make the splicing easier.  I want to keep a lot of what I wrote tonight.  I might re word it a bit or give it more detail but overall want the idea/concept to stay.

So tomorrow if I can get up early enough without feeling too overwhelmed, I might write before work.  I probably won’t write the next day but luckily I have the weekend off and I am thinking part of next week off due to the New Year.  That should help to keep me on schedule.

hmmmm…. or maybe I’ll just do the scene over before bed so I can at least not worry about it for a while and start on the next chapter.  ………………………………………..

Yep, drafts are endless.