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I did a whole post on this and hit the cut button instead of the copy.  Going to be a very long day.  First I’m sore.  12 hour jobs are great for time off but not so great for out of shape authors. Second, I now have re-type the entire post.

Okay so here are two links for your wise and growing minds.



I remember these possessive things called pronouns back in my early days of school.  The teacher thought they were important.  Years later, possessive pronouns do not always end up being used correctly.  Granted I don’t think I misuse them all the time but it seems I may need a refresher course in them.

I took my GRAMMAR GIRL book to work.  Why not.  I have breaks and lunches and thought this would be a great way to not spend my time off reading.  Good thing I did.  Got to the section on possessive pronouns and was like ‘WHOAA.’


Nothing like reading about how you don’t know grammar like you think you do.  I understand possessive pronouns overall but her examples threw me.  Her test in the book was not my best moment.  I failed.

Yeah and like how does this happen.

I blame slang.  Ever write your character talking and see RED LINES everywhere.  Word does not understand characters talking do not have to be correct in grammar usage.  They rarely are as most of us are horrible at grammar when we speak.

So what happens when we write?  We fall back on what we remember in school but we also tend toward our horrible use of grammar in speaking.  It’s a combo.  Well, it was.  Now it’s even worse with texting and what nots.  I mean a child 10 years old is going to grow up and at 50 write something with LOL in it as if that is ok.  It happens and that is why there are grammar books and people who charge insane amounts for edit hack jobs on books.

So back to this possessive pronoun thing.  I won’t bore you with what they are or how to use them in sentences.  I have more reading to do on them.  Just wanted to throw out there grammar is important and we all might need a bit of a refresher course on it. 🙂  I know I do.