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Yep, not even done with this one and I’m thinking ahead.

Just the bare bones of it and a small amount of research. Nothing with who everyone is, no scene setting ideas or even a conflict.  Wow, no conflict.  So not much of a story yet but its the start of one.

It helps me get through my drafts and endless writing the same thing over and over trying hard to figure out how to say it.  Thinking like it’s done gives me the feeling like it might actually get there.

I did write today.  Was working on chapter 25.  Again.  Today’s work was putting the first part with the second part.  Oh, you remember that post.  Good.  I finally got it finished.  I take that back.  I got it put together and ready for the major revisions I still have to do.  🙂  is there a swiggly line I can use after I do the dots for the smiley face?  hmmmm…

Anyway, Next is chapter 26-35.  Oh is it 34.  No matter.  Lots of work to do before I get to say I’m doing the first major draft from 1-35.  Tons.

So off to sleep a bit, get up to make calls and sleep some more before I write tonight.  Have an awesome day out there in who knows where that is cuz all I see is the same boring dirty screen that I keep telling myself I have to clean but never do and this such a run on sentence.  Geesh.