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I never thought looking up details for my characters would be like trying to design a look.  Cap sleeves, short sleeves, trench coats vs. dress coat and v necklines.  I won’t say if I used these or not but I do know what they are now.  At least if I watch a fashion reality show, I’ll know what they mean when they talk cowl neckline.

I want to make sure if I want to get into details at anytime I know which words to use.  I also want to give the reader a chance to look things up if they want to online.

With that said, I spent over an hour looking through countless sites.  I used Google and Bing to do it.  Google can give you a great board search while Bing gets more to the core of what you might want.  As a writer, I don’t always know what I want so I use both.

I also used Hero Creator to give me a great way of seeing my characters in real-time.  No trying to see it in my head.  I can but it’s hard to see the minor flaws with the design and using a picture I can write on it different names of the types of clothing.

Now to get a coffee, take my kid to the bus stop and get writing today.  It’s my day off so the plan is to do at least three chapter rewrites.  I’ll try to let you know tomorrow before I go to work how I did.  Wish me luck!