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If all goes well, Vampires will be in another book I write.  Most the last one.  I actually came up with a storyline I can develop off the first book without changing it.  I can write three more books afterwards with the last one the conclusion to the series.

I will probably stay in the Whirlpool Galaxy after the books are done but travel to a different area where I might try my hand at a fantasy book.  Or a sci-fi fantasy series.  That would be kinda neat to do.  But that is way in the future.

Right now is about writing what I have and getting it to make sense! 🙂

Note… I didn’t rewrite my chapters.  Don’t worry I was very busy.  I looked up clothes, dna, sign up for a writer’s workshop (scribe’s forge) and decided to add a bit of flair with the names!  These were things I had put off but need to get done for the last two drafts.

Surprised I’m up already today and this excited.  I’m on the tired side which is not going to make my job go that great but I only work two days.  Three day weekend around the bend!  Cleaning is on top of the list with writing a close second.  who knew things could get so dirty when you get so distracted?!

Well, off to learn more and to do this the best I can!