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Yep a four book series.  I finally came up with a tie in for my Whirlpool series.  It should be four books and have three unlikely heroes at the end of it.  It will have a lizard race, a shape shifter race, vampires and humans.  Should be interesting to see how it all works out in the end.

SIDE NOTE……….for all wordpress blogs with little to no traffic

This is starting to bug me so I’m kicking around ideas on how to fix it.

The wordpress front page, if you click on the W, does have the list of updated blog posts you follow so you don’t really need to go into reader.  Pass this along, didn’t realize wordpress may have only moved where it was.  I do not like the Reader section now I think they also need to make sure we all know through email or something that the old version is on the main page.  Not sure this will stay this way.

Second idea… though I’m not a big fan of blogs using Key Words, I’m thinking until the Reader is fixed it may be helpful to boost traffic.  Google lets you do it for free and you can read about how to work with Key Words on a varied of sites.  I may even add a line on mine so you don’t feel like my posts have changed.  Maybe ‘Warning Key Word Section’ with ‘You can skip and I will totally understand’