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I am taking my class very seriously and it got me thinking about my overall story.  That is good for you as a reader but it may push the release date back to May/June.  I don’t want to do it and at this point have not decided.  I want it to be the best it can be so you can enjoy the best story I can deliver you.

So far two new scenes are being added to the front part.  This will be a foreword section.  It will let me do a bit of background on my main character, Sarah.  Hope it is enough.

My class has been great so far.  I learned to be an author I have to get paid as one.  This is pretty common knowledge but most of us forget it.  I won’t go into details about how to do that as I believe you should take the class if you want to know more.  I will however add something to this thought.

My belief is ………  A writer is anyone who can take a thought and put it into written form.  An author is anyone who gets paid to be a writer.

I really think that is important to know.  I’m a writer.  I took a few days off and what happened.  I ended up actually wanting to write.  I felt bad about not writing.  I want to type the darn words out in sentence format.  Who knew.  But I don’t get paid to do this and yes that makes me not an author.  I won’t put the address in here today for the site on how to learn more about this as it’s already in another post and I’m sure in the next few weeks it will be here again.

Overall this week has been a blast.  I hope everyone out there is writing their bums off and not snacking up a storm at the keyboard.  🙂