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Yep, swinging back into the daily grind of writing again.  Glad to have the overtime over with and time to myself.  Slept most of yesterday and took some time searching the web for random items not related to my novel.

Overall the last week was a blur of making parts, laughter and wild emotions due to checking out a hot dude at work.  I know, keep the stares to a low amount or I might end up with a pink slip stating the laws on sexual harassment.  I am going to, however, ask him if he minds this girl checking him out.  Don’t ask me how.  I stumble on words.  I choke on thoughts.  I wish I had a keyboard and I could type him but alas my money is not enough to afford a phone.  I don’t even have a number to text him at anyway.  Wish I did though writing is much easier than talking.

Back to writing and that does bring up the question ‘where is the novel at these days?’  Well, its at the epilogue.  I didn’t think to write one but my class made me realize I need it.  Not everyone might read it but many readers will enjoy knowing a little more of the story and have a closing to it.  I’m psyched over it.  I think I have an idea in my head of where the scene is going to take place.

Canada dudes, calm down.  I haven’t given up on you yet.  I have no idea how to met anyone from Canada to date.  If my question to the guy ends up going south, I’ll look again to see how to met the man of your dreams in Canada.  Hopefully it’s not a site lost in the woods unable to find expect for those Canadians in the know or I will be looking with sad results.

Now off to update my online world and get to writing!  Have a great day following your dreams.