I needed a break and a big one.  I was burnt out and tried.  My words were harder to write and I wanted to throw my laptop at the thought of another redraft.

Now I’m not back to my old ways of posting daily but I am feeling the writer bug biting at me.  It naws and wants me to type.  My Facebook posts to my family and close friends is even become more wordy and expressive.

What does it all mean?

Camp Nanowrimo!  Yeah, I forgot it was happening too.  Looks like this camp which starts in April is going to be the ice-cream of all camps.  You can actually set your own word count.  What?


Too awesome.  I set mine at 25,000 words.  Plenty to keep me flying through the process of drafts and way more than I need to finish.

Does this mean I’ll finally get it done …?

Probably not.  I have so much work to do on it that it will help but there is the next camp in June and of course Nanowrimo in Nov.

On a side note about my own personal life.  I took up the game of billiards.  Pool.  Love it and practice a lot during my days off.  This means though it and writing are fighting for my attention.  Pool will win.  I do it because I enjoy it.  I write because my brain is driven beyond madness and has to pound out the words or lose itself to the novel.  And I don’t want to lose my noggin yet!