Of course Camp NaNoWriMo!  and a couple of other things too!

Let’s see I started the second book in my series which is going rather well.  I’ve also started to write my biography.  Both projects are things I feel I want and need to do.

To help free up some time, I gave up Facebook.  I know, who knew I could do such things.  I did it though and have little regrets about it.  I think it was more a time waster at this point and I rarely was using it for updates or personal uses that I couldn’t find other means of doing.  I also don’t like more and more jobs are belting down on things you say or do on FB so I felt it was time to say so long and move on.

So what is the new book title?

I don’t have one yet.  I don’t even have names for the characters besides the standard ones I use until I feel the characters have their own voice.

Why am I writing my biography?

Well I did promise someone once I would do it if I ever had a laptop.  He was a friend who helped me out in my rougher times with a little cash for nothing in return.  I felt it was time to pay up.  I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it but it does lend some off novel time to writing which is nice.

I’ve been writing everyday!  Either in the novel or bio.  I’m not sure I will count this as writing but I might.  I want to get back to writing in my blog.  I miss it.

Well off to update my Camp NaNoWriMo and see who they threw me with this time!  Wish me luck and if you’re a fellow camper out there, roast a marshmallow or two!  The virtual ones are fat free! 🙂