Well writing went okay yesterday but the cold makes me want to sleep!  I did however manage to pop over to Camp NaNoWriMo and drop a note to my fellow campers.

My word count so far is 2400 words on the new story with a rough idea how the start goes.  My bio I have no idea yet as I have it saved in separate memories instead of shoving it together.  Should probably work on that today.

Do I miss Facebook?

Actually no.  At first I missed checking it like you do a habit but not actually seeing posts that meant nothing or ones that made me feel like I wasn’t measuring up.   I think overall kicking it will be much easier than I first thought it might be.  OF course I do have a smart phone so playing my time waster games is only a click or two away.  Luckily I don’t actually play that many games and I don’t spend half as much time staring at the screen doing nothing as I did with FB.

What does that leave?   Oh, have to go get food and head off to work later.  Hope everyone is having an awesome day doing whatever it is they truly love and not falling into the trap they have to be like everyone else!  🙂