Like an old record you can’t stop playing, I keep writing my novel.  This week was writing out in more detail technology within the book.  While the planet, Dusk, is overly backwards with most of the world using no technology at all or limited amounts, it does have some which requires details.

Now I could have looked up replicators for Star Trek or some other famous sci-fi show but I choose to wing it on my own with my own brand.  These may be similar but I didn’t look anything up so I have no idea.

There is also space travel and other devices which I have to describe.  I want to make sure their descriptions match how I see them in my head and make sense for the book.

Next week… not sure but either back to the new novel or my bio.  After awhile I might feel like a merry-go-round spinning with no way off.  Would have it no other way! 🙂