Working on something cool and exciting but short!

A short story!

It should be done in the next several months and I will keep you posted.  Once done, it will be put on Amazon for either .99 to 1.99 in the USA with a later release for Canada, UK and Aussie.

So far it is under 5000 words with two to three more scenes to add to the first draft.  I am hoping in the draft process it climbs up to 5000-15,000 words.  Anything above 25,000 and I’ll charge higher.  I do not believe the story itself can support that kind of word count.

It is a bleak look at Earth’s future.  It is set in a place called the Islands off a main land.  I used the idea of Japan vs China in the setting with a more American use of people and reasons to why things are in the current state.  There is no saving the world, no hero and no way out of the current way things are in the story.  It is more a look at the bleakness of life and how things can go from worse to horrible in seconds.  I have to work on my pitch for this story and how everything plays out in the story itself.  I do believe even through it isn’t your normal set up of a story that it does deliver a worth reading moment.