To set this journal entry up, one has to understand Dr. Who has traveled everywhere in space and in time so if one acts like the Doctor and maybe travels only space it might not be a great world trying to explain oneself to humans.  This is my idea of what a journal entry from someone like that might be like.  Enjoy.

Journal ….Star Date Unknown

The hand was about to strike 5 past the hour of 11 on the bell clock.  Though the bell clock had been broke for decades, I could still remember the rings, whistles and bangs when it worked.  I wondered looking at it if it might ring tonight for memory sake but the hand was stubborn refusing to budge.

The bell clock had stood the test of time.  Hundreds of wars had been fought at its feet.  Thousands had flung themselves from the top step above the clock hands to their deaths.  More had been in awe of its height and wonder when it worked.  I was just a bit annoyed it didn’t start up with the demand of my thoughts.  Granted nothing ever did what I thought it should but I hadn’t given up the idea that something might one day do it.

Well I’m sure at this point you are wondering who I am.  What and where I am might be a better question.  Surely your mind didn’t think we were on Earth and I was a mere human male looking at some ancient relic from human kind’s past.  Too bad you forgot to think beyond your own world.

So back to the more pressing questions at hand.  What and Where am I?

I, good sir or mam or miss or child, am a star gazer.  Yep, was born on a planet called Milldew in the middle of the Whirlpool Galaxy.  Given up by my good mum to be raised by Nutters who talked a good yarn or two about the stars.  Wasn’t until my 10th birthday I learned I was a star gazer.  Oh, what a birthday it was with its cake and presents.  I do fear it, my birthday tale, would take too long to tell but what a story indeed.

Where was I, oh yes.  What is a star gazer?

So many questions you have tonight.  Normally you humans are less chatty and more where is the action, the killing and so forth.  Oh, well I guess questions are good as well as answers when you can find them.

A star gazer is much like a time traveler without time.  I could time travel but it’s such a wobbly weird thing and it’s rather hard to explain so I won’t but it’s not much of a thing I like to do.  I like to travel the stars.  That is what star gazers do.  They travel the entire area of space from one side to the other and back in their space travel thing.  We can get to that later and no it’s not a blue box.  You would be surprised how many people ask me that one and I, to this day, can never figure out why everyone thinks I should be traveling in a blue box.

Where am I?

I am not but I was on a blue planet like Earth but the blue is the land and the green is the sea.  One massive land surrounded by green seas.  Rather wonderful if you ask me.  A pretty sight on any boring day and I had ventured over here to break up that boring day.

I was minding my own business as I usually do in my travels and a girl.  A girl comes up to me in a short dress and a large feather in her pink hair.  A girl.  Most girls, the young ones, stay far away from me.  Star gazers have rumors said about them, lies spread from one spot to another and it keeps everyone a few inches or two away.   This girl comes right up next to me and she asks me about the weather.

‘What weather will we have tomorrow?,’ she asked.

‘I don’t know.  I can’t see tomorrow so I don’t know how to tell you what the weather will be like,’  I said.

‘Really?  I heard it was going to be a calm day with light brown clouds against the purple Sun,’ she said.

‘Might be. Could be I guess,’  I said.

That is when it happened.  Really it did.  Right then as the last s of the word guess rolled off my lips, a bright white light against the yellow sky and it blocked my wonderful view of the sea.  The green sea had been coming in ripples and shimmering into the town’s bay and this darn white light blocked it.

I was upset and to say upset is far from light.  I slammed my foot down and demanded to know who thought their white light was far more important than my view.

He was a little fat man.   He was half my size at about 5 feet.  He was round in the belly and fat in the feet.  His hands were puffy and he smoked a cigar.  His teeth were yellow and he looked like a pot belly pig that smoked, drank and walked upright.  A rather gross sight to say the least.

He didn’t say anything to my demands of knowledge.  He stood there in the middle of the white light and laughed at me.  He found me funny.  This upset me further and my face became red with anger.  I swung out at this fat short man but missed by a mile.  I was never a fighter and the fat man knew it.  He laughed harder.

It was then I had the wonderful idea to leave.  But to leave to where?   Where would I go to escape this laughter?  I could go anywhere in space.  With my mind made up and my face back to its original color of pasty pale, I simply walked away from the white light, the fat man and the girl.

The fat man stopped laughing and frowned.  I was his enjoyment and I had decided the fun was over.  He didn’t like it and in seconds gave orders to unseen men to do very bad things to me.  I don’t remember the words he used as my mind was working out where I was going.  It didn’t dawn on me that the fat man meant to hurt me until I was leaving in my space travel device.

My device is a clever thing.  A bed.  No that isn’t crazy or stupid and yes I know someone on Earth used it in a movie to travel.  What was it called Broomsticks and blah blah.  I don’t see how it matters.

Anyway, back to my device, my bed.  It isn’t like a normal bed.  It has a force shield to protect those who travel on her.  It is rather comfortable for longer trips and smells like flowers in bloom.  No it isn’t bigger on any side.  Where do these weird questions come from?

It flies you to and from and that is it.  It isn’t made to stay on it or live on it.  And why on any planet would I do that?  Humans are sexual but really do you think your naughty thoughts about the bed and its uses were really needed.  I for one don’t so skipping all those questions and thoughts.

So I jumped on my bed, click the bed handle and away I went, of course the flaming cans of doom were flying at me as I went.  This is about where I realized the fat man meant me harm.  Can you believe it?  A flaming doom can bomb.   Who knew the little man was carrying that kind of weapons or that he knew what one was.  Next time I met him, I will have to ask him all about it.

So as I flew away into the night sky, I remembered this clock.  It worked last time I was here.  Five decades ago earth time, it worked.   It was massive and when it rang out the bells were music mixed in with deaf causing noise.  Shear wonder.

On that, this entry is done as I’m tired and need some old fashion rest.



No, I’m not a girl and I’ve never heard of this Dr. Who, whoever he is.  Wow, these endless weird questions never ease to keep popping up. Every darn planet keeps asking about him.  Who, is this doctor and why does he travel in a blue box? If I ever do met him, I’m getting my straight jacket to wrap him up in, he sounds crazier than the Nutters.