Went to the store and got more dividers.  After I printed up my novel, I took the dividers to separate the chapters.  Total chapter count is 19.   Word count I believe is around 53,000 words and counting.  I realized the last part of the book is barely done.  Most chapters are 1-2 pages and are first to second drafts.  This is where I plan to start my reversions.  I know this area needs the most work and will get me the larger word count I want to see happen.  Also I plan to read my novel and pen in some ideas of where descriptions of my main characters can go in so it’s more blocked out.  I trend to write with little description of my main characters except where the story lends it.  I found from a few family members reading it and a good chat with friends that this isn’t the best way for readers to gain information.  It feels better as a writer to not block it out but for the reader I plan to block out some descriptions as to make them feel better when reading it.

There is one scene I added in the last section which I am debating about changing in the draft process.  I added a more dark turn to the vampires and haven’t felt good about it.  Though my vampires have a dark side, I’m not sure they would do what I put in the book.  It felt unneccessary after writing it and I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet.  I want something there but maybe not what it ended up.

On that, back to writing and drafts.  Here’s to hoping I can keep my need to write long enough to finish this darn thing.  🙂  Or at least finish my short story to use as a start in the format it to amazon’s kindle moment.  🙂