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‘I have heard many stories of how our earth vampires

lived but it is not their story that intrigues me.

It is the race of vampires, who made

earth vampires that devour my soul.

It is this alien, vampire race

I am afraid that beckons me back again and again.’

Anonymous quote

Earth journal-date unknown

A transport ship’s engine burst and roared as it neared the docking bay. The transport was a large piece of old metal and high tech plastics forced together by Earth’s early space program. The large vessel eased into the tight space kicking off the cooling system. Several large metal nozzles began to spin and spray out blue-green liquid.

A dense mist formed as the cool liquid made contact with the hot outer parts of the transport ship. Puddles began to form on the dead ground beneath the ship and slid off the tube linking the ship to the bay doors. Passengers unaware of the toxic liquid mere inches from their faces began to mingle their way out to the space station and tried to avoid the dirty workers loaded down with imported goods.

Sarah tossed her braided hair back over her shoulder as she watched the mist grow thicker beyond the triple reinforced Plexiglass inside the space station. The green hue swirled in the mist and made the mist look like cotton candy clouds. Sarah’s mouth watered for a taste. Her stomach growled and gave her a few painful spasms as she had forgotten to eat since yesterday. Quickly she dug out a snack travel cake from one of her dozen pockets on her orange cargo pants and shoved the cake into her mouth. The dry crumbs left a pasty aftertaste against her tongue but it made her hunger pains subside.

Sarah stood there in her tan flight coat with her duffle bag, a patchwork of leather pieces sewn together, over her right shoulder and she wore a tight brown shirt which clung to her breasts. Her red hair was done in a light version of a two braided style and ended in two fluffy tassels. This morning she had grabbed her loop belt which was a 1/4 inch design and wrapped around her waist 15 times before the end latched to the other. Her fashion style ended with her boots which were made out of a light weight fabric and used brown leather strings to lace up the front.

A rattle to the space station and a noisy chatter of passengers told Sarah the transport ship was leaving the station. Inside the dying mist, a blue glow began to take shape. The glow belonged to the transport’s engine and in seconds the transport ship was a dot in the black sky. As the last trance of mist disappeared, a red line formed around the dot and sparks flew away from it as the transport ship hit light speed.