No I didn’t get laid off as of yet.  At my job, there has been some layoffs due to a slower work situation but that seems to be working for me.  The lack of voices and friends to chat away break time is allowing me writing time at work.   I eat my meal by myself and grab the pen.  I scribble out some words or description of the scene.  I write it all over again and so forth.  Not bad considering I did well at keeping my breaks in check and wrote a third into the chapter I was working on.  I did two drafts of the part of the chapter too which was the bonus on the cake.

I have the next two days off so the plan…and it is a loose plan at that… is to finish up the two drafts and chapter.  Afterwards, I plan to plug it in and see what my word count is at.  So hoping in a few days there will be a drum roll, excited eyes and a few yells from the guests who visit about my new word count.

Crossing my fingers for somewhere between 54,000 and 57,000.   Anything higher will get a yell or two from me! 🙂