So here I am working on a novel as I have been for years.  I start to think of all the work I’ve done and am going to do and it freaks me out.  I want it to be a success.  I want my novel to be read and talked about like every author out there.  I want.

So how to do that?

I know I need money to do ads.  I need to get the word out about my novel once its done.


Yep, it boils down to money.  I have nothing left after bills so having a budget is like having a fancy fast car right now.  Not going to happen.

Next comes in Kickstarter.  Could I do something up to get people to help me out?  Can I get the ad money by launching myself as an author with more than a novel?  I guess, maybe.  Big maybe.  I would have to come up with something like an item or web-based idea to get people to back me.  I don’t think ads alone are really what Kickstarter is about but I haven’t read the fine print to know.

Anyone out there ever done Kickstarter or something similar?  Much luck?  What are the rules?

To kick or not is the question.  My answer is far from concrete at this point with the novel still in process mode.  I’ll let you know when I do.  In the meantime, please comment or link me to other sites or blogs on this.  Love to learn as I keep pounding my fingers against the keyboard.  tap, click, tap, tap…….